Moscow Vision Clinic
  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Moscow Vision Clinic is the general optometry practice office of Dr. Randall Cummings. The clinic offers comprehensive eye exams that check for:
    • Vision clarity/prescription for corrective lenses
    • Eye health/disease diagnosis and treatment plan
    • Basic vision therapy workups/checking eye tracking, teaming, etc. and making a treatment plan

    Dr. Cummings also has a behavioral optometry practice at Palouse Visual Learning Center, where he can help patients with eye therapy that teaches the eyes to work together, and also helps the brain learn how to interpret what the eyes are seeing.

  • Latest Frame Styles and Lens Technology

    img_8331webWe offer a broad selection of corrective eyeglasses, frames, and contact lenses. Give us a call or come on by and see our selection.
  • Contact Lenses

    We offer contact lenses to correct:
Moscow Vision Clinic